Failed to run patch request for instance: (exit code: -2068709375) : Single Node Cluster Patching !!

Single Node Cluster Patching

Today we got one patching for single cluster node and as usual it failed. We got some error like below

Error:  @ path : C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log\20130619_141204

2013-06-19 14:14:00 Slp: Error: Failed to run patch request for instance: (exit code: -2068709375)
2013-06-19 14:14:01 Slp: Error result: -2068709375
2013-06-19 14:14:01 Slp: Result facility code: 1202
    2013-06-19 14:14:01 Slp: Result error code: 1

We were bit confused with error so mother Google comes into the picture with couple of ideas and finally we got solution to send happy patching mail.

 So before explaining solution, a bit overview……………..

Single node SQL cluster: means you have  instance of SQL Server with a virtual IP and virtual name that are different from the host box, but that there is only one "possible owner" of that SQL Server.

These are used for testing purpose or down the line we can add nodes in SQL cluster

But is there really a difference when you patch them to latest service pack or hot fix. Answer will be Yes and a No. Actually there is no difference as patching runs in SQL server but as per process there is slight modification.

  1. Either its 2005 / 2008  you have to execute patching ones as there is one node only
  2. Before starting patching you have to extract SQL patch from its exe to local disk 
1streason is clear in itself but why we have to extract to local disk??? Because when SQL server patch starts it extract all files require to upgrade SQL server into disk with maximum free space available and usually our cluster disk for data and log file are the one with maximum free space. So once Patching process starts it will take SQL cluster disk offline and when SQL server engine tries to access extracted files for patching it finds disk is offline.

So every time we patch single node cluster best practice is to extract SQL exe to local drive.

Solution :
In my case Patches are available @ below location

H:\SQL 2008 Patches\10.00.5500.SP3.CU0\SQLServer2008SP3-KB2546951-x64-ENU.exe
H:\SQL 2008 Patches\10.00.5829.SP3.CU9\SQLServer2008-KB2799883-x64.exe 

SQL Patch Extract :  Open command prompt and execute below

Syntax:  SQLServer2008-KB%KB%-x64.exe   /x     :\patch\

    Example : SQLServer2008SP3-KB2546951-x64-ENU.exe     /x     D:\SP3 Patch \

Once you run extracting command in cmd , we will get option to reselect the extraction path as below

Change the Extraction path  to local disk instead cluster disk

Once extraction is done you will get below message

Now go to your local extraction directory in my case its : Go to D:\SP3 Patch \Setup.exe and execute by double clicking.

And patching is completed Successfully


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