Install Mongo DB on Windows

The following steps can be used to install MongoDB on Windows
in case you have already installed and want to just configure mongodb (click here)

Step 1) Download mongodb setup from the MongoDB website, double click on the mongodb-win32-i386-3.0.7-signed.exe.

You can download same for Linux, mac or Windows.  We are running this demo for windows.

Step 2) Click on the Next button

Step 3) Click on the Next button to agree to the End User License Agreement.

Step 4) Click on the "custom" button to install the components. The custom option can be used to install selective components or if you want to change the location of the installation.
You can also use "complete" to install on default location

Step 5) Here I will use custom location "C:\mongodb" for installation

Mongo db setup allows us to install updated mongodb software with community GUI tool "MongoDB compass". If you just want mongodb shell, please uncheck highlighted button.

Step 6) Click on the Install button to start the installation.

Step 7) Click on the Finish button to complete the installation.

Now installation for mongo Db is completed successfully.

Step 8) Along MongoDb we got Mongodb compass tool also

Accept License agreement and you will see some tips for new user

Now Along MongoDb, "Mongodb Compass" is also ready for use

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