Steps to Install Power BI for Visualization

Install Microsoft Power BI

Couple of our students from non tech background has requested to share installation step for Power Bi just like we do for other software's. Thanks to our regular followers for appreciating the effort. Below are the install steps.

Step 1: 

Download Microsoft Power BI

Install Power BI

Step 2:

Double click on setup file we recently downloaded

download power BI

Step 3:

Select Language and click next

power BI install

Step 4: 

Go through and click next 

power Bi algaeservices 

algaestudy python visualiation

Step 5:

Change the install location of destination folder if requires

install path power bi algaeservices

algaestudy installation tableau algaestudy

Step 6: 

Installation completed

algaestudy powerbi

Step 7:

Now we are on Power BI

power BI Desktop version algae study

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