How to Install MySQL Server on Windows 10 - Video

Installing MySQL on Windows:

  • Go through the below video for detailed instructions: 
  • After opening the downloaded file, you can either choose 'Developer(Default)' OR 'Custom' as suggested in the video.
  • Keep all other default values (server settings and other values)
  • IMPORTANT: Do remember the password that you enter for 'root' user. Will be using this id for logging into MySQL.

Installing MySQL on Mac:

  • Go to MySQL download Community Server (after Google search)
  • Select Operating System: macOS (in the listbox)
  • Download the macOS disk image (.dmg file)
  • Open the .dmg file and run the .pkg file in it
  • Run the wizard, keep all defaults and complete the installation
  • Do remember the root password which will be used for later login
  • You can also install MySQL Workbench (the front-end client) from the same downloads page.

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