Task Scheduler Error 2147944309

I have a simple task (cmd batch file). Whenever I try to change the settings I get a dialog box that reads as follows:"An error has occurred for task \Remove DB. Error message: The following error was reported: 2147944309".

To figure out error, we should understand error no.

  • The "0n" identifies the number as DECIMAL. The "0x" is HEXIDECIMAL.
  • Open the calculator and change to "Programmer" mode (click VIEW, PROGRAMMER).
  • Click on "Dec" and enter 2147944309.
  • Clicking on "Hex" will convert it to hexadecimal and resulting with 80070775.
  • He indicates that the "8007" part of the code identifies it as a win32 status code, so 0775 must be the error code.
  • Then make sure that "Hex" is selected and enter the last three numbers, 0775 and click on "Dec" to convert to decimal resulting in 1909.
From the command line run "net helpmsg 1909".

  • 0n2147944309 = 0x80070775
  • Facility: 8007 = Win32 (it's a "Win32" status code)
  • Status: 0x775 = 0n1909
  • Q:\>net helpmsg 1909

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