How To Explicitly Connect SQL Server Using Specific ( Named Pipes / TCP / Shared Memory ) Protocol : Interview Question

                           Many of us have all protocols enable in SQL server and i don't think if even couple of us notice which protocol we are using to connect to sql server and if we have requirement to connect to specific protocol.....

To connect sql server first we have to make sure we should have enable all 4 protocols in Sql configuration manager

Once we enable all protocols, we can open sql server management studio and connect one by one with same server using protoclos.

Here Sql server instance name is "SAURABHTEST3". This is a default instance.

To connect to different protocols

Named Pipes :  NP: Servername
TCP \ IP :  TCP: Server Name
Shared Memory : LCP: Server Name ; Localhost , (local) , ."dot"

To Connect using Named Pipes protocol:

To Connect using TCP / IP protocol:

To Connect using Shared Memory protocol:

As above shared memory can be connected on same machine using localhost and other options.

After connection you can verify using sql
select session_id , net_transport
 from sys.dm_exec_connections
So once sql is connected it will be like

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