How To Fix Orphan User For All Databases in SQL Server

Couple of days back during migration we have to fix orphan user for 50+ databases and as you know i am very lazy doing manual work so got below script over web to fix same in couple of mins. Thanks to people who are writing on SQL server communities.

Script 1: Find Orphan users

  EXECUTE master.sys.sp_MSforeachdb ' USE [?]; Select ''?'' ;
                EXEC ?.dbo.sp_change_users_login   ''report'' '

Script 2 : Generate Script To Fix Orphan users

 EXECUTE master.sys.sp_MSforeachdb ' USE [?];
select ''EXEC ?.dbo.sp_change_users_login '''''' +  ''update_one'' +
 '''''''' +  '',['' + '''' +  name + ''''+ ''],['' +'''' +   name + '']'' + + ''''
from sysusers 
where sid NOT IN (select sid from master..syslogins ) 
AND islogin = 1 AND name NOT LIKE ''%guest%''  '

So All users are fixed finally !!

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  2. This script is lacking, I wouldn't use it.


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