Difference Between SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012

Difference between Sql server 2008 and Sql server 2012 is a very common interview question and some times its the first question in interviews. So I collected some common difference below

Sno. SQL Server 2008 SQL Server 2012
1 Code name is Katmai Code name is Denali
2 Audit Feature is available only in Enterprise Edition.  Auditing feature is available in all editions of SQL Server.
3 Only 4 major High Availability features  Log Shipping, Replication, Mirroring & Clustering ALWAYS ON introduced as High availability feature with addition of 2008 features.
4 Failover was only possible for instance Failover of Database is also possible
5 Nothing called as ColumnStore Indexes Read only ColumnStore Indexes were introduced
6 No cointained database We have a new feature called Contained Databases
7 The BCP not support –K Option. The BCP Utility and SQLCMD Utility utilities enhanced with -K option, which allows to specify read-only access to a secondary replica in an AlwaysOn availability group.
8 PowerShell Supported Enhanced PowerShell Supported
9 The Full Text Search does not allow us to search and index data stored in extended properties or metadata. The Full Text Search is enhanced to search and index data stored in extended properties or metadata. 
10 ORDER BY Clause now have OFFSET / FETCH options to use paging to show required rows per page in applications and allow the user to scroll through each page of results rather than download the entire set ORDER BY Clause does not have OFFSET / FETCH options 
11 EXECUTE with RECOMPLIE feature Enhanced EXECUTE with many option like WITH RESULT SET….
12 This uses 27 bit bit precision for spatial calculations. This uses 48 bit precision for spatial calculations
13 Maximum numbers of concurrent connections  is 32767 Unlimited concurrent connections.
14 TRY_CONVERT() and FORMAT() functions are not available  TRY_CONVERT() and FORMAT() functions were newly introduded
15 Sequence is not available Sequence a user defined object that generates a sequence of a number is newly introduced
16 Analysis Services in does not have BI Semantic Model Analysis Services will include a new BI Semantic Model . It is a  concept. 3-layer model includes Data Model, Business Logic and Data Access
17 PowerView not available in BI features PowerView is a fairly powerful self-service BI toolkit that allows users to create mash ups of BI reports from all over the Enterprise.
18 sys.dm_exec_query_stats  sys.dm_exec_query_stats  added four columns to help troubleshoot long running queries. You can use the total_rows, min_rows, max_rows and last_rows aggregate row count columns to separate queries that are returning a large number of rows from problematic queries that may be missing an index or have a bad query plan.


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