Which SQL Server 2014 Edition Should Be Used

        Deciding on SQl server edition is a tough job as it involves lot of factors. One of factor is requirement?
      Microsoft share some recommendations on which editions can be preferred as per requirement mention below.
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SQL Server 2014 Express Edition

Build web and mobile applications for multiple data types:

  • Support structured and unstructured data while storing business data with native support for relational data, XML, and spatial data.
  • Add geographical information to business applications and build location-aware applications. Increase granularity of temporal data with date and time data types.

Basic reporting services:

  • Reduce OS patching by as much as 50-60% with support for Windows Server Core.
  • Create VMs efficiently with PowerShell 2.0 support, and enhancements to Sys Prep.
  • Easily manage permissions for data access with user-defined server roles to support separation of duties.

Embed lightweight database into basic desktop applications:

  • SQL Server Express LocalDB is a lightweight deployment option for SQL Server Express with fewer prerequisites.
  • This makes it ideal for developers who need an embedded SQL Server database for desktop applications or tools.
  • LocalDB runs in-process with applications and not as a service.

Easily manage SQL Server instances:

  • Manage SQL Server Express databases with SQL Server Management Studio Express.
  • Connect to local SQL Server Express databases and manage objects with full Object Explorer integration.
  • Write, execute, and test queries by using visual query plans, and access management and maintenance options.

Simplify and speed development with rich developer tools:
  • ·        Take advantage of existing Transact-SQL skills, and incorporate technologies like Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ.
  • ·        Develop applications faster through deep integration with Visual Studio, Visual Web Developer, and SQL Server Management Studio.
  • ·        Take advantage of rich table and query designers and drag-and-drop IDE support.

SQL Server 2014 Business Intelligence Edition

Managed self-service BI:  Manage and govern the data and analytics users create and transform them into corporate-grade solutions by importing Power Pivot models into SQL Server Analysis Services.

Greater uptime, manageability and security:

  • Reduce OS patching by as much as 50-60% with support for Windows Server Core.
  • Create VMs efficiently with PowerShell 2.0 support, and enhancements to Sys Prep.
  • Easily manage permissions for data access with user-defined server roles to support separation of duties.

Corporate and scalable reporting and analytics:
  • Build and deploy scalable, secure and manageable BI corporate solutions with advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Business users gain advanced predictive analytics with the simplicity and familiarity of Microsoft Excel with SQL Server Data Mining Add-ins for Microsoft Office.

SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition

Run non-mission critical applications:

  • ·        Provide core data management capabilities including high availability, security, scalability and performance for small and medium businesses and departmental applications.

  • ·        With Software Assurance, use unlimited virtualization to support consolidation of mid-size applications.

Build rich content management applications:

  • ·        SQL Server makes it easy to manage content as an integrated part of an application with key capabilities such as FILESTREAM, File Table, full text search and semantic search.

  • ·        SQL Server also supports rich spatial capabilities.

Deliver standard reporting and analytics:

  • ·        SQL Server Integration Services brings together various types of data while Analytics Services enables you to build models for core analysis and reporting.

  • ·        Reporting Services with Report Builder enable you to build operational reports for small and medium business and departmental needs.


SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition

Run Tier 1 workloads:

  •          Today’s world of continuous services and connected devices demands that applications and data will be up and available, scalable, and secure.

  • ·         SQL Server Enterprise is designed to support today’s most demanding enterprise applications with built-in mission-critical capabilities.

Enable flexibility in deployment:

  • ·         Quickly create and scale innovative Hybrid IT solutions across on-premises, private or public cloud.

  • ·         Connection points in SQL Server make it easy to take advantage of Microsoft Azure's benefits glued together with common tools to build, extend, and manage.


Unlock new insights:

  • ·         SQL Server supports scalable data warehousing, data cleansing and management, and rapid data exploration and visualization for end users.

  • ·         Enterprise includes all the business intelligence functionality included in SQL Server Business Intelligence edition. 


Parallel Data Warehouse:

Customers who require a massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse now have access to PDW through their Enterprise Edition core licenses with Software Assurance. 

Breakthrough performance for big data analytics at an industry leading price:

  • The Microsoft Analytics Platform System is a turnkey big data analytics appliance, combining Microsoft’s massively parallel processing (MPP) data warehouse technology.
  • The SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW)–together with HDInsight, Microsoft’s 100% Apache Hadoop distribution, and delivering it as a turnkey appliance.
  • To integrate data from SQL Server PDW with data from Hadoop, APS offers the PolyBase data querying technology.

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