How To Find Which Users Are Available on Server without Accessing SQL Server

Today I faced a weird issue where my self and my team don’t have access on SQL Server and user asked to debug some issue. This server was build by my team but unfortunately we don’t even have Sa password.

This issue must be as server was build long time back and DBA who build it forget to give access to team or he left team already and did it purposely. But right now major concern is to get access on server.

Issue: DBA team doesn’t have any access on server
Sa password is lost

Solution: Find some one/ Some login  with access on server and ask him to reset password by taking server in single user mode.

  1. We checked event viewer and except Application team no one connected to server, but we cant ask client to share his login and use that to reset password of sa due to different technical and non technical reason.
  2. Use third part tool

So I came across a tool for password reset but this is costly tool and demo doesn’t allow us to reset password. But Demo version gives me all logins available on server and here’s my jackpot I found one DBA who’s individual id have access on server.

Tool can be downloaded from here

Tool name is: MS SQL Server Password Recovery
Version used: Demo

So guys I am not marketing this tool here, and its free demo version can be useful for basic help

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