Characteristics of Integrated Management System

  1. Its scope should cover the totality of the organization's processes and systems and embrace health, safety, environment, security, human resource, finance, marketing, public relations, etc. as relevant to the organization's values, operations and objectives.
  2. Internal audits should be conducted for the whole business – not separately for each of the management standards.
  3. Replication of documentation should be minimized while ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the IMS.
  4. It is structured to control and guide the organization's processes in the most effective and efficient way and does not slavishly follow that of a specific management standard or item of legislation.
  5. Each component of the management system should takes account of all of the other components as appropriate.
  6. It should address all relevant stakeholder requirements defined via standards, legislation or other defined requirements.
  7. Unified management support and responsibilities. 

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