Functions of ERP

Basic functions of ERP are as follows:

  1. Supports the integrated business process inside the organization.
  2. Improves capital planning and helps in executing organizational plans and strategies.
  3. Helps speed up the decision-making process over the analysis of accurate data.
  4. Helps extend the business network to wider domains, expanding the products and services to reach more customers, suppliers, and partners.
  5. Identifies operational risks to improve governance.
  6. Provides protection against organizational data breaches and security threats to leakage of information.
  7. Makes the organization adaptable to the rapid changes in the business process according to the needs.
  8. Gives long-term profit by providing means to increase the customer base.

These are five key ERP functions any business can look for:
  1. Automating processes
  2. Enterprise Analytics
  3. Integrated CRM
  4. Improved Mobility
  5. Integrated Web

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