The error code is 0x80073CF0 in case you need it | Windows 10 Auto update

Today I was trying to update applications on my Windows 10 and while downloading I got error "The error code is 0x80073CF0 in case you need it"

Open Command Prompt in elevated mode and use "Run as Administrator". If you will just open  you might getting "access denied error

The alternative way is to search for cmd in the start menu search button as mentioned above.  Press Ctrl–Shift and click on the cmd application, use "Run as Administrator"..


Why do we need elevated command prompt?

Starting from Vista, Windows has two modes for running command prompt

  1. Elevated
  2. Normal

Normal command prompt does not allow to run commands that require admin privileges, so elevated command prompt is required. For example, you want to add a new user account to your system, this requires admin privileges, so even if you are admin, you would not be able to add a user from a command window opened in the normal way.

So to stop windows update service,

"net stop wuauserv"

Now go to below location (Folder : SoftwareDistribution ) and Clean it

You might not able to clear folder DeliveryOptimization, that fine
No go back to store and start Auto update

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