What is the difference between SMP and MPP

Symmetric Multi Processor Massive Parallel Processor
1 SMP stands for Symmetric Multi processor MPP stands for Massive parallel Processing
2 In SMP every  processor share a single copy of the operating system (OS)  In MPP each processor use its own operating system (OS) and memory. 
3 SMP supports shared Architecture. MPP supports shared nothing Architecture
4 SMP is the primary parallel architecture employed in servers MPP is the coordinated processing of a single task by multiple processors,
5 SMP architecture is a tightly coupled multiprocessor system, In MPP each processor works on a different part of the task. 
6 In SMP resources like bus, memory and an I/O system are common. Each processor has its own set of disks
7 SMP processor share whole work between them Each node is responsible for processing only the rows on its own disk
8 No Separate buffer pool or lock tables, All is shared Each node maintains its own set of lock tables and buffer pool increasing usability of  in memory feature
9 SMP grows by buying a bigger System Scalability is easy by just adding racks , from few TB's to 6 peta byte
10 SMP usually faces resource contention  MPP is solution to resource contention
11 To create Distributed Architecture complex design is required and can only achieve partially. MPP is designed to be Distributed Architecture 
12 In – Memory feature provided by software is totally depending on amount of Ram and load. Data is Horizontally Partitioned with huge compression up to 40 x explores in-memory in best manners
13 In SMP every CPU have its own cache either its dual or quad core but rest  all resources are shared MPP processors  communicate between each other using some form of Messaging interface via an “Interconnect”



Fundamental Difference


SQL Server 2012 Parallel data warehouse architecture as MPP

SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse Architecture

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