Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

        Artificial Intelligence is a study and creation of a computer system that can perceive, reason and act. The primary aim of artificial intelligence is to manufacture intelligence machine which makes the technology easy to justify, decision-making problem solving

        Artificial intelligence is an interdisciplinary field requires knowledge in computer science, biology, psychology, philosophy, and many research field. It is a cognitive function ascribed to humans, this definition doesn’t fully justify but can justify what functions are performed and how these functions are carried out

Artificial intelligence on a stronger noteIt deals with the creation of real intelligence artificially based on we can see how the IBM developed IBM Watson in artificial intelligence

      Recent we have heard about IBM Watson, one of the artificial intelligence platform for the business. Which IBM used for day to day business for cognitive numeric management and for decision making, Last year IBM Watson has created MORGAN Movie which was the world first cognitive movie trailer.

     IBM Watson is Artificial Intelligence-based system where they trained the system to understand the subject area using different types of technology and AI they have trained hundreds horror movies trailer, using the cognitive technique and machine learning they have created MORGON Movie Trailer.

Artificial intelligence on a weaker noteIt cannot believe the human level of intelligence in the machine but can consider it can solve many problems and can create a problem in many ways

       Recent we had news about Facebook.  Facebook have created bots (AI code) using artificial intelligence and installed programmed in those bots, after few days those bots have started communication in their own secret language which none of the scientists were able to understand. The team present at the lab thought that they might cause peril in future so forcible the Facebook artificial intelligence researcher must shut down those bots.

    That means that artificial intelligence and machine learning-based systems can self-aware and self-conscious and have the ability to understand.

REASONING: Based on the above information we can conclude that within the short span of time machine learning and artificial intelligence may emerge in information technology and we can see both the positive and negative impact of artificial intelligence

                                                                      Author: Aliya Khanum

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