Probability Distribution in Statistics

Probability Distribution

A probability distribution is chart that links each outcome of a statistical experiment with its probability of occurrence.

Probability distribution for a random variable describes how probabilities are distributed over the values of the random variable

Example: Probability distribution for Number of heads in 4 flips of a coin…or say probability of getting 0 head, 1 head, 2 head ……..
Probability distribution chart is a visual representation

X-axis: All possible outcome of random variable
Y- axis: Probability of each outcome

Types of Probability distribution

Discrete Probability Distribution: The list of each possible random variable can assume together with its probability 

  • Number of complaints per day
  • Number of rings before the phone has answered
  • Whether the piece is defective or not 

Continuous Probability Distribution : The probability of the random variable assuming a value within some given interval is defined to be the area under the graph of the probability density function between that interval 

  • Time required to complete a task
  • Temperature of a solution
  • Height in inches
  • Weight in Kg
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