Microsoft SQL Serer Page Types

1. DATA_PAGE - a data page in a heap or a clustered index.
2. INDEX_PAGE - an index (B-tree) page in the tree of clustered or non-clustered index, or the leaf of a non-clustered index.
3. TEXT_MIX_PAGE - a text page shared between various text structures.
4. TEXT_TREE_PAGE - a non-shared text page.
5. WF_PAGE - a work file page.
6. SORT_PAGE - a page used in internal sorts.
7. GAM_PAGE - a GAM allocation map.
8. SGAM_PAGE - an SGAM allocation map.
9. IAM_PAGE - an index allocation map. (description)
10. PFS_PAGE - a free-space and allocation status page.
11. BOOT_PAGE - database wide info page.
12. SYSCONFIG_PAGE - server config block.
13. FILEHEADER_PAGE - first page of every file.
14. DIFF_MAP_PAGE - differential bitmap for a GAM interval.
15. ML_MAP_PAGE - minimally-logged extent map for a GAM interval.

Note : You can use dbcc page to see the contents of these pages .To.see the contents you need to enable trace flag 3604
For example dbcc traceon (3604) ;dbcc page (1,1,10,2)

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