Sql Server Configuration Manager Remote Procedure Call Failed (0x800706be)

Today while checking SQL server configuration manager I got Error: "Remote Procedure Call Failed (0x800706be)"

Server Details :
OS : Windows server 2008
SQL : SQL server 2008 RTM Standard edition

Possible solution:
1. This error appears to happen when .mof files (Managed Object Format (MOF)) don’t get installed / registered correctly during set-up.

To resolve this issue,you can execute the following mof comp command in command prompt to re-register the *.mof files:

mofcomp.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Shared\ sqlmgmproviderxpsp2up.mof "

2. This could be an access violation occurring in one of SQLs WMI provider DLLs.  MODULE_NAME: svrenumapi100 & IMAGE_NAME:svrenumapi100.dll. It looks like a problem with their namespace.
Please try to install SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 2 to see if it would be work.

Download:  http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30437.

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