How To Set SPN ( Service Principal Name ) : Demo

Setup of service principal name is required for other applications to connect with sql server via Kerberos. To setup SPN

               First collect all the details mention below to use with SETSPN command

1. Instance name \Service name, this can be anything you want but preferred to use "Service_instance" so while checking we can easily recognize what it belong to.   
2. Hostname / Node in case of cluster, it must be fully qualified domain name
3. Port  number , if this is dynamic then either skip of change to static. This is optional value
4. Service Account, This is also optional. Account on which service is running

Go to the server, Open command prompt and enter below command with modified values of your server.

FYI : "if you face issue try setspn  in small letters"

SETSPN Command : It is the application used to manage SPNs for Windows computers. With this, you can, view, edit, and delete SPN registrations.

Syntax:  Setspn –s servicename/host_FQDN:portnumber  Serviceaccount

Example:  Setspn -s SQL_Saurabh/ saurabh\serviceaccount

SPN Registered Successfully

To view Registered SPN (click here)

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