Certified Scrum Master Practice Questions - 1

These questions are collected from internet from different websites to help professionals  (Scrum masters) understand real time concerns with multiple options available during agile implementation.

Please read each question in detail and understand the responsibilities and out of scope task for scrum master.

Certified Scrum Master Practice Questions - 1
Certified Scrum Master Practice Questions - 2
Certified Scrum Master Practice Questions - 3

What is the approach that Scrum encourages when a Team determines it will be difficult to deliver any value by the end of a Sprint?

What is MOST likely to result if the Product Owner is not available during a Sprint?

Who is primarily responsible for maintaining the Product Backlog?

Can the Product Owner and the ScrumMaster be the same person?

If a Development Team determines that it has over-committed itself for a Sprint, who should be present when reviewing and adjusting the Sprint goal and work?

During a Daily Scrum meeting, Olivia mentions she has found an available solution and she thinks that will solve one of the problems she has been working on. She wants to implement it immediately. What is the best next step?

Which of the following is true concerning impediments?

The ScrumMaster... is the Scrum Team's Scrum expert and focuses on continual improvement.

Which of the following is likely the best option when a Product Owner is overworked?

When using Scrum, who is primarily responsible for making scope versus schedule trade-off decisions?

Who is accountable for the business value delivered by a Scrum Team?

What is the main purpose of a Sprint Review?

How do the principles behind the Agile Manifesto suggest approaching architecture?

For what type of work is Scrum MOST suitable?

According to Scrum guidelines, who is responsible for hiring or assigning a new person into a Team?

Why should the Product Owner attend the Daily Scrum?

Who is primarily responsible for ensuring that everyone follows Scrum rules and practices?

What are the desirable qualities of a Product Vision?

Who is primarily responsible for facilitation, when required, in Scrum meetings?

In a 30-day Sprint, how long is the Sprint Review Meeting?

Considering the Agile Manifesto, which of the following statements best describes Scrum Teams and planning? 

During a Sprint planning meeting, the Product Owner… 

When is the Sprint finished? 

Once a Sprint begins, who determines how the Development Team will do its work? 

Which of the following is a MAIN purpose of a Sprint Backlog? 

What is the ScrumMaster's role in the Sprint Retrospective? 

The Agile Manifesto says that "[we] value responding to change over following a plan." Which of the following statements best illustrates this? 

What does the Product Owner do during a Sprint? 

Which of the following best describes the Agile Manifesto attitude towards customer collaboration? 

What should usually happen if, during a Sprint, the Product Owner identifies a new, important Product Backlog Item (PBI)? 

If a Team member is consistently late for the Daily Scrum, what is usually the first thing a Team should do?

Which role is MOST LIKELY to communicate an impediment during a Daily Scrum? 

Which of the following BEST represents the Product Owner's responsibility? 

Which statement accurately reflects the role of the Product Owner during the Daily Scrum? 

How are Development Teams guided during a Sprint?

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