How To Connect SQL Server 2014 PDW, Connection Guide

SQL Server PDW (Parallel data-warehouse ) is one of famous editions of sql server which gives us feature to store and query huge data. This is also famous because of its hardware and cost.

Yesterday I was lucky  to see PDW . To connect this we just need SQL data tools and business intelligence installed

Steps are Below:

1. Login to server from which you can access PDW  sql server

2. Start data tools  à If its Sql 2012 (you can see all features else limited)
SQl server PDW requires Sql data tools and business intelligence configured on your server

3.       Select business intelligence and go to Server Explorer

4.       Mention the PDW server shared with you  and go with sql server authentication. (Windows authentication don’t work)  To connect you can specify the IP address / Name  of the control node in the SQL Server PDW appliance and the port number. By default, the port should be 17000. I advice it should be changed.

5.       Every time you have to select database as connections are specific to database (red color cross shows not connected rt now) , Here i have connected to tempdb.

6.       To open new query window

9.      In PDW to monitor server there is no SSMS , Its the dashboard which gives you all details you can get from sys.sysprocess or DMV's in any enterprise edition

10.   Verify Storage :

So these are basic steps to connect to PDW, I will add more details to check some operation

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