Complexities : Merge Replication With Download Only / Unidirection

        There are 2 confusing questions whenever you set Merge replication in Download only

1. How to set replication in download only mode

2. What is difference between server subscription and client subscription in merge replication

     How to set replication in Down only mode   

You can set an article , group of articles or all articles property “synchronization direction” to “download only to subscriber,  prohibits subscriber changes”.

   On the Articles page of the New Publication Wizard select a table, and then select the check box Highlighted table is download-only.

If you specify that an article is download-only after subscriptions have been initialized, all client subscriptions that received the article must be reinitialized. Server subscriptions do not have to be reinitialized.

      Difference between Subscription Type Server vs Client

  • A subscription with an assigned priority value (from 0.00 to 99.99) is called a server subscription
  • Priority value of 100 will go as Client subscription.
  • Subscribers with server subscriptions can republish data to other Subscribers

Priority value
Assigned by user
Data changes assume the priority value of the Publisher after synchronization
When you want different Subscribers to have different priorities.
When you want all Subscribers to have the same priority, and the first Subscriber to merge with the Publisher to win the conflict.
This cant be unidirectional because this will act as publisherfor other subscribers
This can be unidirectional and always have lesspriority than subscription in case of conflict

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