SQL Server PDW: Row Size Exceeds Defined Maximum DMS Row Size

For a huge query from user with lot of string functions in one column, we got below output. User told us that user is getting output in dev environment but in prod he is getting below error:

“Row Size Exceeds Defined Maximum DMS Row Size: bytes is larger than limit of [32768 bytes] ”

I am using SQL Server 2012 PDW edition:

This issue is easy to resolve in sql server using cast or convert with (MAX) size but PDW have its own limitation. PDW doesn’t support varchar(Max) ,varbinary (MAX) or text column.

So we have to ask application user to break its output and size of value per column should not be more than 32768 bytes.


Contact Microsoft Support for further troubleshooting”

Please don't implement any query's you found over web (I have also removed what i has implement). Modifying any setting without consulting your vendor can cost warranty of appliance.

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