Gow (Gnu On Windows) a lightweight alternative to Cygwin

Install Gow (Gnu On Windows) 

An alternative to Cygwin or blessing to windows user who want to try Unix function to execute on windows.

Gow (Gnu On Windows) is the lightweight alternative to Cygwin. It is use to compile UNIX \ Linux and other opensource applications on windows as win-32 binaries. As opposed to Cygwin which can run well over 100 MB depending upon options its very small in size.

You can download it from Github:  https://github.com/bmatzelle/gow/wiki

or directly from link: https://github.com/bmatzelle/gow/releases/download/v0.8.0/Gow-0.8.0.exe 
Goto Link:  and click download

You will see another page, Scroll down and click on "Gow-0.8.0.exe" to downlaod.

Now you have file Gow-0.8.0.exe

Right click , Run as administrator and click Next --> Next --> Finish to install

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