Advantage and Disadvantages of ERP

Every product has its own advantages disadvantages, similarly ERP do come with pros and cons, few of them are:

Advantages of ERP:

1. Saves time and expenses.
2. Allows faster decision-making by the management,    utilizing the data and reporting tools designed in    the systems.
3. Single data source and sharing of data among all    the units of an organization.
4. Helps in tracking every transaction that takes      place in an organization, from starting till end.
5. Supplies real-time information whenever required.
6. Provides synchronized information transfer in      between different functional areas such as sales,    marketing, finance, manufacturing, human resource,    logistics, etc.

Disadvantages of ERP

1. Sometimes business processes critical to an organization are to be re-engineered to align them with an ERP solution.
2. Cost of complex integration can be very high.
3. Switching from one ERP solution to another increase the implementation cost even further.
4. End-users are to be trained for their daily operations.
5. Customization is not preferred.
6. If evaluation  of ERP is not done accurately, It can harm the business also

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