Difference between Open Sources and licensed software's

1.     If you're looking for something you don't even have to pay a dime for, open source is the way to go.
2.     If you've ever used Office Org, Google Chrome, or Android, you have already had a taste of what this kind of software can bring.

3.     With open source ERP, you're the master. Everything is yours to toy and tinker with.

4.     Some may ask for a price, but it usually isn't anywhere near the ballpark you'd be looking at with proprietary ERPs. And that's about the extent of all the benefits of open source ERPs.

5.     There really isn't much to say except for the fact that it can be easily personalized and costs nothing (or nearly nothing).

6.     As for the disadvantages, open source packages can have many. There is so much diversity in open ERP software for small businesses that it is really difficult to gauge everything that can go wrong.

7.     Open products aren't as mature or well-maintained as the proprietary ones.
8.     Vendors are often too small to deal with high demands for technical support, so don't expect someone to answer the phone at 2 AM.

9.     Implementation might also be complex and difficult.

10.   The interface is also not as intuitive in such solutions.

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