Replication Status: Waiting 60 Second(s) Before Polling For Further Changes.

Today after initializing replication on subscriber we got below status in

Oh hell , I never heard this but Hilary Cotter and MSDN already wrote something I must know

  1. So first thing its not an error its just info. So you can also ignore same
  2. You can get this in any replication except snapshot.
  3. Why I am getting this ? My agent is set to run continuously and it don’t have data to replicate.
  4. How to avoid this ? You have to set PollingInterval to 1
  5. What this info means: There is no transaction to replicate and replication agent is sleeping for this seconds of time.

Now How to avoid this error? follow below steps

  1. You have to pass “- PollingInterval 1to change your polling interval.  
  2. Right click on your Log Reader Agent \ Distribution Agent \ Merge Agent. 
  3. Select Agent Properties (reach to agent sql job), 
  4. click on the Steps tab, and double click Run Agent. 
  5. Click in the Command text box, press the End key and type - PollingInterval 1
  6. This will make your Log Reader Agent read the log every second instead of the default  value and make the Agent read the database every second instead of the default value.

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