Not able to upgrade MDS database, scripts missing in MSSQL

Scenario: We have 2 servers server1 (database server) , Server2 (SSRS MDS server)

Issue: We have restored MDS database from prod to server 1 and after that we are not able to connect to MDS database using MDS configuration with error “database engine requires update”. When we tried to update database engine we are surprised with one more error “Not able to upgrade database, scripts missing”

Error: The client version is incompatible with the database version. Ask your administrator to upgrade the client components, the database components, of both. Run the Master Data service configuration manager on the server for more information.

RCA: We have realized that a week before Server 1 was patched with SP2 where as Server 2 is still running on RTM.

Solution: We applied SP2 on server 2 and  now we are able to connect MDS database on server 1 from server 2 MDS configuration manager.

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