How to Install Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Among fresher's and developer, Installation of SQL Server is considered as complex task. This can become easiest if you follow instructions carefully

I am going to install MS SQL server 2016 Express edition with service pack 1 as its freely available

 2. I have downloaded file "SQLServer2016-SSEI-Expr.exe"  

3. Now right click on file, run as administrator, Select basic

4. Scroll and accept license


5. Select installation location and click install, I am using default location 

6. This will download original software and install


 7.  Now we have installed SQL Server with default values and our instance name is SQLEXPESS


Till now we have only installed SQL Services, Now we will install client tool SSMS "SQL Server Management Studio" to connect to sql server and run some sql queries 

1. Click on Install SSMS button in above screenHis will take you on another scree to download files for SSMS (Sql server management studio)  2. Once Sql server is downloaded, you can open folder and start installation

       3. Click install to install SSMS

      4. Once SSMS installed, Restart your machine

    1 5.   After SQL Server restart you can go to start menu or desktop and search for SQL Server management studio

    1 6. Type servername : yourmachinename\SQLexpress, if you are not aware of your machine name , right click on my computer and check properties

    1 7.  Once you are connect , Press ctrl +N,  New Query window and type below code to create database dummy and enter few records in same.

    Create database dummy
    use dummy
    Create table emp(id int, name varchar(30), age int)
    insert into emp values (1, 'saurabh', 30)
    insert into emp values (2, 'vinod', 31)
    select * from emp

    So now your SQL Server instance is ready for practice.

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