SAS Administration Checklist

Below are the top 10 checklist jobs to be performed for a SAS Administration

1. Administration schedule

  • Design and maintain a schedule of SAS platform administration activities
  • Specify when regular housekeeping tasks should be performed
  • Follow the schedule to keep your system running efficiently

2. Backup and Recovery

  • Define backup and recovery strategy
  • It should describe:
  • Which components of SAS Platform should be backed up
  • How frequently
  • How long backups should be retained and where

  • Seems simple, but can be complex in multi-machine deployments
  • System state is stored in multi places
  • Must backup and restore synchronously to keep system state consistent
  • You can use SAS Deployment Backup and Recovery Tool

3. Linceses

  • Learn how to apply new licence files ""
  • Document the steps for your specific SAS deployment
  • You may have several separate licensed components
  • Their licenses may not all expire on the same date
  • Allow enough time to renew licenses before they run out

4.Archive and delete log files

  • Write your own scripts to archive(zip) and delete log files
  • Run those scripts regularly, e.g. nightly
  • Example scheme:

  • Archive logs after 7 days
  • Delete archived logs after 30 days
    • Some servers have to be restarted to rotate their log file

    5. Relocate SAS Work
    • Linux: SAS work default= /tmp
    • Cleaned up periodically by OS
    • May be on root partition - filling it is bad
    • Windows : SAS work default= user's home directory
    • Choose better location with sufficient space, on filesystem which is optimized for expected workload, e.g. large sequential read and write

    6. Clean up SAS Work
    • Delete SAS Work directories left by abruptly-terminated SAS workspace sessions
    • Unix:SAS Cleanwork utility
    • Windows:SAS Disk cleanup handler
    • Run it regularly,e.g. Weekly

    7. Security Model
    • Design and maintain security model
    • Implements a security policy
    • Use groups to manage access to:
    • Metadata
    • Data
    • Application functionality

    • Determine how users and groups are:
    • Added
    • Updated
    • Removed

    8. Filesystem Access controls

    • Secure files and directories in addition to metadata
    • Prevent unauthorized read or writes access

    9. Monitoring
    • SAS Environment Manger
    • Third party monitoring solution
    • Your own custom tools or scripts
    • Record time series data
    • Set up alerts
    • Monitor Jobs and Queries

    10. Hotfixes

    • Maintenance release
    • Hotfixes
    • Announcements
    • Support notes


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