How to find port for windows services ( Analysis Services)

One of the clients has asked my port for Analysis services and I feel so dumbfounded as I never care to know same. I tried to verify in SQL configuration manager and what …. These details are not available at all.

I know one way I can do same by going to the registry and I do have the query to do same here. But this is the serious item because tomorrow any other service can come up and I might not aware of the exact path in the registry. So a bit googling helped me here.

  1. Start Task Manager on the Server

  1. Ensure the PID column is visible (View Menu > Select Columns...)

  1. Locate the process named msmdsrv.exe and find its PID (msmdsrv.exe is for analysis services):  in my case, PID is 1500

  1. Start a command prompt, and run the command netstat /aon

  1. Find the line with the PID matching your process and the port number will be displayed in the Local Address field


So we found port 2383 which is default port for analysis services having PID 1500.

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