Command not found error mssqlctl and mssql-tools on ubuntu

When attempting to install the command line tools for SQL Server on Ubuntu 16.04.3, I would get the error: “E: Unable to locate package mssql-tools”

MSSQLCTL ERROR: written on python below are the steps to install.

  1. Install the necessary Python packages:sudo apt-get update && / sudo apt-get install -y python3 && / sudo apt-get install -y python3-pip
  2. Upgrade pip3:sudo -H pip3 install --upgrade pip
  3. Install mssqlctl with the following command: pip3 install -r --user


  1. Import the public repository GPG keys used by apt to authenticate packages from Microsoft.
  2. Add Microsoft to the apt repository.
  3. Update the apt-get.
  4. Install the mssql-tools now.

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