BIG Data & Hadoop Lab 1

 BIG Data & Hadoop 

Lab 1

Installing Horton works HDP on Windows

Machine Configuration required

  1. Minimum 4 GB RAM , 8GB preferred 
  2. i5 Core CPU (32 bit OS), Preferred i5 64 bit 
  3. Virtualization support 

Virtualization technology

  1. We need to enable Virtualization Technology by first doing a setup in BIOS 
  2. Enter into BIOS mode as soon as you start your PC 
  3. Click on “Enabled” as shown in next image and then restart your computer 

Lab 1: Hadoop

  • Installation of Hadoop required software like  
  1. VMWare
  2. Putty 
  3. FileZilla


  • Starting the Virtual Machine and Hadoop

  • Test to check if Hadoop is running properly 


  1. Download Hadoop Sandbox, VMWare, Putty and FileZilla from links shared "Click here"
  2. Hadoop Sandbox is a Hortonworks Hadoop distribution image built on CentOS operating system (similar to Linux). 
  3. VMWare is needed if you want to run this on windows machine. 
  4. Putty will provide a command line interface to Hadoop, though you can directly use VMWare but it is very slow and painful so better to use Putty. 
  5. FileZilla is a FTP software which is needed to copy files from your window system to CentOS system on VMWare. 
  6. Both Os are treated as two separate machines. 
  7. You need to enable Virtualization from BIOS settings. 

Install VMWare

  1. Double click on the VMWare software and follow the instruction to successfully install VMWare on your system.
  2. After installation you will see a yellow color icon on your desktop name as VMWare Player.


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