Debit and Credit side of Trial Balance

What accounts do we find in trial balance?



Debit Side

Credit Side

All Assets (Cash in hand, Cash at Bank, Inventory, Land and Building, Plant and Machinery etc.)

All liabilities ( Bank Overdraft, Secured and unsecured loans, bills payable, Outstanding Payables or expenses, Loan on mortgage etc. )

Sundry Debtors

Sundry Creditors

Expenses (Carriage Inward, Freight, Rents, rebates and rates, Salary, Commission etc.)

Reserve fund, general reserve, provision for depreciation, Accumulated depreciation etc.



Losses (Depreciation, Return inwards, Profit and loss A/c (Dr.), Bad debts etc.)

Gains (Discount received, Return Outwards, Bad debts recovered, Profit and Loss (Cr.) etc.)


A trial balance is the same as a balance sheet.

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