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AWS Artifact

Depending on your company’s industry, you may need to uphold specific standards. An audit or inspection will ensure that the company has met those standards.

AWS Artifact is a service that provides on-demand access to AWS security and compliance reports and select online agreements. AWS Artifact consists of two main sections: AWS Artifact Agreements and AWS Artifact Reports.

AWS Artifact Agreements

Suppose that your company needs to sign an agreement with AWS regarding your use of certain types of information throughout AWS services. You can do this through AWS Artifact Agreements.

In AWS Artifact Agreements, you can review, accept, and manage agreements for an individual account and for all your accounts in AWS Organizations. Different types of agreements are offered to address the needs of customers who are subject to specific regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

AWS Artifact Reports

Next, suppose that a member of your company’s development team is building an application and needs more information about their responsibility for complying with certain regulatory standards. You can advise them to access this information in AWS Artifact Reports.

AWS Artifact Reports provide compliance reports from third-party auditors. These auditors have tested and verified that AWS is compliant with a variety of global, regional, and industry-specific security standards and regulations. AWS Artifact Reports remains up to date with the latest reports released. You can provide the AWS audit artifacts to your auditors or regulators as evidence of AWS security controls.

The following are some of the compliance reports and regulations that you can find within AWS Artifact. Each report includes a description of its contents and the reporting period for which the document is valid.

AWS Artifact Reports

Customer Compliance Center

The Customer Compliance Center contains resources to help you learn more about AWS compliance.

In the Customer Compliance Center, you can read customer compliance stories to discover how companies in regulated industries have solved various compliance, governance, and audit challenges.

You can also access compliance whitepapers and documentation on topics such as:

  •  AWS answers to key compliance questions
  •  An overview of AWS risk and compliance
  •  An auditing security checklist

Additionally, the Customer Compliance Center includes an auditor learning path. This learning path is designed for individuals in auditing, compliance, and legal roles who want to learn more about how their internal operations can demonstrate compliance using the AWS Cloud.

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