AWS Questions and Answers 81-90


Q81) Your application has to the retrieve on data from your user’s mobile take every 5 minutes and then data is stored in the DynamoDB, later every day at the particular time the data is an extracted into S3 on a per user basis and then your application is later on used to visualize the data to user. You are the asked to the optimize the architecture of the backend system can to lower cost, what would you recommend do?

Answer: Introduce Amazon Elasticache to the cache reads from the Amazon DynamoDB table and to reduce the provisioned read throughput.

Q82) You are running to website on EC2 instances can deployed across multiple Availability Zones with an Multi-AZ RDS MySQL Extra Large DB Instance etc. Then site performs a high number of the small reads and the write per second and the relies on the eventual consistency model. After the comprehensive tests you discover to that there is read contention on RDS MySQL. Which is the best approaches to the meet these requirements?

Answer: The Deploy Elasti Cache in-memory cache is running in each availability zone and Then Increase the RDS MySQL Instance size and the Implement provisioned IOPS.

Q83) An startup is running to a pilot deployment of around 100 sensors to the measure street noise and The air quality is urban areas for the 3 months. It was noted that every month to around the 4GB of sensor data are generated. The company uses to a load balanced take auto scaled layer of the EC2 instances and a RDS database with a 500 GB standard storage. The pilot was success and now they want to the deploy take atleast 100K sensors.let which to need the supported by backend. You need to the stored data for at least 2 years to an analyze it. Which
setup of following would you be prefer?

Answer: The Replace the RDS instance with an 6 node Redshift cluster with take 96TB of storage.

Q84) Let to Suppose you have an application where do you have to render images and also do some of general computing. which service will be best fit your need?

Answer:Used on Application Load Balancer.

Q85) How will change the instance give type for the instances, which are the running in your applications tier and Then using Auto Scaling. Where will you change it from areas?

Answer: Changed to Auto Scaling launch configuration areas.

Q86) You have an content management system running on the Amazon EC2 instance that is the approaching 100% CPU of utilization. Which option will be reduce load on the Amazon EC2 instance?

Answer: Let Create a load balancer, and Give register the Amazon EC2 instance with it.

Q87) What does the Connection of draining do?

Answer: The re-routes traffic from the instances which are to be updated (or) failed an health to check.

Q88) When the instance is an unhealthy, it is do terminated and replaced with an new ones, which of the services does that?

Answer: The survice make a fault tolerance.

Q89) What are the life cycle to hooks used for the AutoScaling?

Answer: They are used to the put an additional taken wait time to the scale in or scale out events.

Q90) An user has to setup an Auto Scaling group. Due to some issue the group has to failed for launch a single instance for the more than 24 hours. What will be happen to the Auto Scaling in the condition?

Answer: The auto Scaling will be suspend to the scaling process. 

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