AWS Questions and Answers 71-80


Q71) Load Balancer and DNS service comes under which type of cloud service?

Answer: IAAS-Storage

Q72) You have an EC2 instance that has an unencrypted volume. You want to create another Encrypted volume from this unencrypted volume. Which of the following steps can achieve this?

Answer: Create a snapshot of the unencrypted volume (applying encryption parameters), copy the. Snapshot and create a volume from the copied snapshot

Q73) Where does the user specify the maximum number of instances with the auto scaling Commands?

Answer: Auto scaling Launch Config

Q74) Which are the types of AMI provided by AWS?

Answer: Instance Store backed, EBS Backed

Q75) After configuring ELB, you need to ensure that the user requests are always attached to a Single instance. What setting can you use?

Answer: Sticky session

Q76) When do I prefer to Provisioned IOPS over the Standard RDS storage?

Answer:If you have do batch-oriented is workloads.

Q77) If I am running on my DB Instance a Multi-AZ deployments, can I use to the stand by the DB Instance for read or write a operation along with to primary DB instance?

Answer: Primary db instance does not working.

Q78) Which the AWS services will you use to the collect and the process e-commerce data for the near by real-time analysis?

Answer: Good of Amazon DynamoDB.

Q79) A company is deploying the new two-tier an web application in AWS. The company has to limited on staff and the requires high availability, and the application requires to complex queries and table joins. Which configuration provides to the solution for company’s requirements?

Answer: An web application provide on Amazon DynamoDB solution.

Q80) Which the statement use to cases are suitable for Amazon DynamoDB?

Answer: The storing metadata for the Amazon S3 objects& The Running of relational joins and complex an updates. 

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