Big Table - Lab in Google Cloud Platform


Big Table Lab

Go to Database --> Big table

Create Instance of Big table

Provide Instance name and Instance ID

Select Storage

Define Cluster

  • I have added region
  • Manual scaling of 3 Nodes

If you want you can add  replica cluster

  • In Advance option select new cluster
  • You can define compute power of replica and it can be different from 1st cluster

Big Table Cluster is Ready

  • It will take 10-15 mins for cluster to be ready

Cluster Properties

In cluster explore menu

  • Go to Tables and create table

  • Specify table name
  • Add required columns
  • Datatype is not required for columns as data can be imported into big table, manual add is not possible

  • Creating another table dept

Tables are Created

Create backup

  • You can create backup of any table and restore as new table


  • We can create profile for different applications

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