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Cloud Datastore Overview

Cloud datastore is a is a managed and auto scaled no SQL database with indexes queries and acid transaction support. Cloud Datastore would compare to Amazon's DynamoDB service. And if you were doing this on your own you might wind up managing your own MongoDB cluster. This is a no SQL database so the queries can get a little complicated.

What is Cloud Datastore?

  • No Ops:
    • No provisioning of instances, compute, storage, etc.
    • Compute layer is abstracted away
  • Highly scalable:
    • No provisioning is required in advance
    • Multi-region access available
    • Sharding / replication handled automatically
  • NoSQL/non-relational database:
    • Flexible structure/relationship between objects
  • You can have Single Datastore database per project
  • Multi-regional for wide access, single region for lower latency and for single location
  • Datastore is a transactional database and Bigtable is an analytical database
  • IAM roles:
    • Primitive and predefined
    • Owner, user, viewer, import/export admin, index admin

Real time use case for Datastore:

  • Applications that need highly available structured data, at scale
  • Product catalogs - real-time inventory
  • User profiles - mobile apps
  • Game save states
  • ACID transactions - e.g., transferring funds between accounts

Do not use Datastore for:

  • Analytics (full SQL semantics):
    • Use BigQuery/Cloud Spanner
  • Extreme scale (10M+ read/writes per second):
    • Use Bigtable
  • Don't need ACID transactions/data not highly structured:
    • Use Bigtable
  • Lift and shift (existing MySQL):
    • Use Cloud SQL
  • Near zero latency (sub-10ms):
    • Use in-memory database (Redis)

Data transfer between Cloud DataStore and Big Query

Managed export/import service

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