Install Neo4j on Windows


Neo4J Community Server Installation

Steps for Installation / Setup

  • Go to Website:
  • Look for Desktop edition or Community release. Here I am installing Desktop edition
  • Download the file

  • Note:
    • Default username: neo4j
    • Password: neo4j

  • In download center look for Neo4j desktop latest edition
  • Click Download

  • We got Activation key in below Screenshot
  • We also got file "Neo4j Desktop Setup 1.4.15.exe" downloaded.  I have move the file from my download folder to another folder to save it for future.

  • Double Click the exe file

  • Lets install for every one going to use the computer

  • Provide installation location. Default locations are not very good options

Once Installation is done lets activate our desktop edition

  • I choose different path where I will store application data

  • Please provide activate key to activate the instance

  • You might get popup with certain messages, but you can ignore for now.

My Neo4J  Installation is done and I can open application form shortcut on my desktop

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