The Service Was Unable To Log On As With The Currently Configured Password Due To The Following Error ,Logon failure: The User Has Not Been Granted The Requested Logon Type At This Computer

So what is "Allow log on locally":

This logon right determines which users can interactively log on to this computer. Logons initiated by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL sequence on the attached keyboard requires the user to have this logon right. Additionally this logon right may be required by some service or administrative applications that can log on users. If you define this policy for a user or group, you must also give the Administrators group this right.

Why i need "Allow log on locally":
Logon accounts are used for the Internal application functions such as the communication between Services , application configuration tasks such as creating and configuring disk folders and data selection for the purposes of creating selection lists

“The  service was unable to log on as with the currently configured password due to the following error: 
Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer.

Service: SQL Instance 
Domain and account: 

This service account does not have the required user right "Log on as a service."

User Action

Assign "Log on as a service" to the service account on this computer. You can use Local Security Settings (Secpol.msc) to do this. If this computer is a node in a cluster, check that this user right is assigned to the Cluster service account on all nodes in the cluster.

If you have already assigned this user right to the service account, and the user right appears to be removed, check with your domain administrator to find out if a Group Policy object associated with this node might be removing the right.”

I was not able to start newly built SQL server 2012 today on Windows server 2012 so the first thing is jumped on errorlog. Ahhh no errorlog that means this is security issue.

Quickly i checked eventvwr and found below issue.

I also tried to start sql service from command prompt and below error jump on my screen

Issue was clear we have to connect Gpedit.msc \ Secpol.msc and give "Log on as a service." permission.


1. In windows server 2012 go to desktop and start typing any of "Gpedit.msc / Secpol.msc"

2. Go to Security settings --> User Right Assginments --> Allow log on locally

3. Double click on Allow log on locally and add your services account in same

4. In my case we are not owner of services, so i have raised same to Win-tel team and they applied permissions

Server is up now!!

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