How To Connect SQL Server Using DAC ( Dedicated Administrator Connection ) : Demo

DAC comes as a very handy feature  to help you connect and run basic troubleshooting queries in cases of serious performance problems.

And for using this it must be enable already beacause we only use DAC when we are not able to connect sql server and if its not then forget using it till next time, To enable (Click Here).  sql server 

There are 2 ways to connect 

1. Connecting DAC using SQL Server Management Studio

Open SSMS à File à New àDatabase Engine Query

You need to specify "ADMIN:" before the SQL Server Instance name when trying to connect to an SQL Server Instance using DAC.

2. Connecting DAC with SQLCMD 

To do this You should be member of the sysadmin  server role in order to use this feature. The "-A" switch is used to specify that the user is trying to connect to SQL Server using the Dedicated Administrator Connection.

     Syntax : SQLCMD -S [SQL Server Name] -U [User Name] -P [Password] -A 

     Example : SQLCMD -S saurabhTEST2 -Usaurabh -P'saurabh' -A

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