How To use DSA.msc Active Directory In Windows 2012

Those who are now migrated to windows server 2012 are feeling bit irritated because lot of their shortcuts are not working.

One of those are DSA.msc  : Shortcut to open Active directory.

So if you are one of them follow simple process to first install active directory and then you can go ahead.

Step1   Open server manager by clicking on its shortcut given in below snapshot.

Step2  In dashboard, Click Add roles and features

Step3  Now You will see this window, Click next

Step4  Select installation type “Role-based or feature based installation”

Step5  Select your server name , As you are doing on local it will be available below

Step6  Now Click next and in features , Select Active directory module , AD DS tools , AD LDS Snap-ins. In below screen shot its grayed out because I have installed just before taking snapshot to verify

Step7  Click install , once installation is done close window  and go ahead use dsa.msc Or from desktop select below

So now windows 2012 is not that bad.
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