Module 1: Spreadsheet Analysis | Starting up with MS Excel

These slide covers:
Basics Of MS Excel: The Ribbon, The levels of Command organization Excel Options,
Customizing the Quick Access Tool Bar, The Excel Screen, Worksheets and Workbooks,
Saving a workbook. Manipulating Rows And Columns: Inserting rows and columns within a
worksheet, modifying column widths using 'drag and drop', automatically resizing the
column width to fit contents. Switching between worksheets, copying or moving
worksheets between workbooks, Grouping Worksheets, Protecting Worksheets and
Workbooks. Working with Data- entering Data: Entering numbers and text into cells,
Default text and number alignment, AutoFill. Selecting data, Copying, moving and deleting
data, Formatting data: Built in and custom formats, Currency symbol, Date Percentages,
Alignment of content in cell range, Cell orientation. Sorting, multiple sorting and filtering.

                             Starting up with MS Excel

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