How to find Distributor , Distributor server and Distributor databases in SQL Server Replication

--********** Execute at the Distributor in the master database **********--

USE master;

--Is the current server a Distributor?
--Is the distribution database installed?
--Are there other Publishers using this Distributor?

EXEC sp_get_distributor

--Is the current server a Distributor?
SELECT is_distributor FROM sys.servers
WHERE name='repl_distributor' AND data_source=@@servername;

--Which databases on the Distributor are distribution databases?
SELECT name FROM sys.databases WHERE is_distributor = 1

--What are the Distributor and distribution database properties?
EXEC sp_helpdistributor;
EXEC sp_helpdistributiondb;
EXEC sp_helpdistpublisher;

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