What is Tableau ?

Tableau is a Business Intelligence tool for visually analyzing the data, anyone can connect to data create the graph and also can visualize data can also create charts according to the requirement. 
Tableau is suited to all Small, Medium and large-scale companies. It’s easy to use and can be installed in windows to slice and dice of data connectivity, Google analytics, and dispersed data source.

Editions of Tableau: This has five important features

  1.      Tableau Desktop – This has an attractive drag and drop desktop which lets the users to quickly analyze, sort and visualize data.
  2.      Tableau Server – This server communicates the visualizations to any device like a desktop or mobile that supports a web browser. The architecture of Tableau server is measurable.
  3.      Tableau Online – Tableau online features lets users share the dashboards with the partners as well as the customers
  4.      Tableau Reader – This feature lets the user share the data visualization created using this software
  5.      Tableau Public – It is the website enhancement feature which lets the visualization to narrate the story.

new features of Tableau

  1.      Statistical data files – This already supports more data sources and the new version of it supports statistical files.
  2.      Data preparation – The new version of this has more data preparation features which helps the users to clean the data and spend more time on analysis.
  3.      Ad Hoc Calculations – The new version of this allows the users to perform lot of calculations on an Ad Hoc basis. Tableau gives you answers on the flow which will let you experiment new things
  4.      Query Performance Improvement – In the new version of Tableau the in-memory analytic database is made to work even faster than before. It is designed to make the most use of the user’s hardware.
  5.       A new technology called Query Fusion is added which will search for all the queries and look out for ways to simplify them
  6.      Smart Maps – Selection controls, Location search capability are all the new features introduced in the new version
  7.      Admin Views – Admin views is one more special feature added to the new version which lets the administrators monitor and analyzes data easily. It also lets them to detect bugs, plan upgrades and track the activities.

Basis of Distinction
Otherwise Known as
Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server
Few Customers
Accenture, Coco-Cola, Bank of America, PayPal, Google, Skype, Citigroup, Dell, Walmart, The New York Times, US Army and Airforce
ETL development
This does not support ETL development
Functionality support
Tableau is drag and drop tool and if any functionality is not working your work gets stopped there
Size of Business
This is best suited for small and medium scale industries
This can be installed with ease like your MS Office. It is also easy to manage
Forms of analysis
Whereas Tableau does not support different type of analysis like text analysis, predictive analysis, what if analysis and others
This comes with all the in-built capabilities for the business users. Therefore no extras to be added.
Tableau has packet bubble visualization
Colour differentiation
In Tableau output different sectors can be differentiated using different colours
Underlying data
In Tableau desktop the underlying data can be easily viewed
Tableau dashboard can tell a story
Important features
Actions, Story dashboard, Parameters, Maps
Slicing and dicing of data, Connectivity to Google Analytics and dispersed data sources
Recommended improvements
Release of new features is always in the next version which takes much time
This is very simple and easy to learn. It is a drag and drop tool and so users can easily learn it.
It performs very well. But the only thing is that the data should be organized properly in order to get the maximum performance out of it
Initial Setup
This is easy to install and set up
Google Analytics Connector
Tableau connects easily with Visual Google Analytics

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