AWS Questions and Answers 11-20


Q11) What are reserved instances?

          Answer: Reserved instances are the instance that you can reserve a fixed capacity of EC2 instances. In reserved instances you will have to get into a contract of 1 year or 3 years.

Q12)What is an AMI?

        Answer: AMI stands for Amazon Machine Image. AMI is a template that contains the software configurations, launch permission and a block device mapping that specifies the volume to attach to the instance when it is launched.

Q13) What is an EIP?

         Answer: EIP stands for Elastic IP address. It is designed for dynamic cloud computing. When you want to have a static IP address for your instances when you stop and restart your instances, you will be using EIP address.

Q14) What is Cloudwatch?

        Answer: Cloudwatch is a monitoring tool that you can use to monitor your various AWS resources. Like health check, network, Application, etc.

Q15) What are the types in cloudwatch?

        Answer: There are 2 types in cloudwatch. Basic monitoring and detailed monitoring. Basic monitoring is free and detailed monitoring is chargeable.

Q16) What are the cloudwatch metrics that are available for EC2 instances?

        Answer: Diskreads, Diskwrites, CPU utilization, networkpacketsIn, networkpacketsOut, networkIn, networkOut, CPUCreditUsage, CPUCreditBalance.

Q17) What is the minimum and maximum size of individual objects that you can store in S3

        Answer: The minimum size of individual objects that you can store in S3 is 0 bytes and the maximum bytes that you can store for individual objects is 5TB.

Q18) What are the different storage classes in S3?

         Answer: Following are the types of storage classes in S3,

  • Standard frequently accessed
  • Standard infrequently accessed • One-zone infrequently accessed.
  • Glacier
  • RRS – reduced redundancy storage

Q19) What is the default storage class in S3?

        Answer: The default storage class in S3 in Standard frequently accessed.

Q20) What is glacier?

        Answer: Glacier is the back up or archival tool that you use to back up your data in S3. 

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