AWS Questions and Answers 21-30

Q21) How can you secure the access to your S3 bucket?

Answer: There are two ways that you can control the access to your S3 buckets,
  • ACL – Access Control List
  • Bucket polices

Q22) How can you encrypt data in S3?

Answer: You can encrypt the data by using the below methods,
  • Server Side Encryption – S3 (AES 256 encryption)
  • Server Side Encryption – KMS (Key management Service)
  • Server Side Encryption – C (Client Side)

Q23) What are the parameters for S3 pricing?

Answer: The pricing model for S3 is as below,
  • Storage used
  • Number of requests you make
  • Storage management
  • Data transfer
  • Transfer acceleration

Q24) What is the pre-requisite to work with Cross region replication in S3?

Answer: You need to enable versioning on both source bucket and destination to work with cross region replication. Also both the source and destination bucket should be in different region.

Q25) What are roles?

Answer: Roles are used to provide permissions to entities that you trust within your AWS account. Roles are users in another account. Roles are similar to users but with roles you do not need to create any username and password to work with the resources.

Q26) What are policies and what are the types of policies?

Answer: Policies are permissions that you can attach to the users that you create. These policies will contain that access that you have provided to the users that you have created. There are 2 types of policies.
  • Managed policies
  • Inline policies

Q27) What is cloudfront?

Answer: Cloudfront is an AWS web service that provided businesses and application developers an easy and efficient way to distribute their content with low latency and high data transfer speeds. Cloudfront is content delivery network of AWS.

Q28) What are edge locations?

Answer: Edge location is the place where the contents will be cached. When a user tries to access some content, the content will be searched in the edge location. If it is not available then the content will be made available from the origin location and a copy will be stored in the edge location.

Q29) What is the maximum individual archive that you can store in glacier?

Answer: You can store a maximum individual archive of upto 40 TB.

Q30) What is VPC?

Answer: VPC stands for Virtual Private Cloud. VPC allows you to easily customize your networking configuration. VPC is a network that is logically isolated from other network in the cloud. It allows you to have your own IP address range, subnets, internet gateways, NAT gateways and security groups.  

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