AWS Questions and Answers 51-60

Q 51) What is the difference between the classic load balancer and application load balancer?

Answer: Dynamic port mapping, multiple port multiple listeners is used in Application Load Balancer, One port one listener is achieved via Classic Load Balancer

Q52) By default how many Ip address does aws reserve in a subnet?

Answer: 5

Q53) What is meant by subnet?

Answer: A large section of IP Address divided in to chunks are known as subnets

Q54) How can you convert a public subnet to private subnet?

Answer: Remove IGW & add NAT Gateway, Associate subnet in Private route table

Q55) Is it possible to reduce a ebs volume?

Answer: no it’s not possible, we can increase it but not reduce them

Q56) What is the use of elastic ip are they charged by AWS?

Answer: These are ipv4 address which are used to connect the instance from internet, they are charged if the instances are not attached to it

Q57) One of my s3 is bucket is deleted but i need to restore is there any possible way?

Answer: If versioning is enabled we can easily restore them

Q58) When I try to launch an ec2 instance i am getting Service limit exceed, how to fix the issue?

Answer: By default AWS offer service limit of 20 running instances per region, to fix the issue we need to contact AWS support to increase the limit based on the requirement

Q59) I need to modify the ebs volumes in Linux and windows is it possible

Answer: yes its possible from console use modify volumes in section give the size u need then for windows go to disk management for Linux mount it to achieve the modification

Q60) Is it possible to stop a RDS instance, how can I do that?

Answer: Yes it’s possible to stop rds. Instance which are non-production and non multi AZ’s 

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