AWS Questions and Answers 61-70

Q61) What is meant by parameter groups in rds. And what is the use of it?

Answer: Since RDS is a managed service AWS offers a wide set of parameter in RDS as parameter group which is modified as per requirement

Q62) What is the use of tags and how they are useful?

Answer: Tags are used for identification and grouping AWS Resources

Q63) I am viewing an AWS Console but unable to launch the instance, I receive an IAM Error how can I rectify it?

Answer: As AWS user I don’t have access to use it, I need to have permissions to use it further

Q64) I don’t want my AWS Account id to be exposed to users how can I avoid it?

Answer: In IAM console there is option as sign in url where I can rename my own account name with AWS account

Q65) By default how many Elastic Ip address does AWS Offer?

Answer: 5 elastic ip per region

Q66) You are enabled sticky session with ELB. What does it do with your instance?

Answer: Binds the user session with a specific instance

Q67) Which type of load balancer makes routing decisions at either the transport layer or the Application layer and supports either EC2 or VPC.

Answer: Classic Load Balancer

Q68) Which is virtual network interface that you can attach to an instance in a VPC?

Answer: Elastic Network Interface

Q69) You have launched a Linux instance in AWS EC2. While configuring security group, you have selected SSH, HTTP, HTTPS protocol. Why do we need to select SSH?

Answer: To verify that there is a rule that allows traffic from EC2 Instance to your computer

Q70) You have chosen a windows instance with Classic and you want to make some change to the Security group. How will these changes be effective?

Answer: Changes are automatically applied to windows instances 

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